Tis the Season for Holiday Gift Guides November 10 2015

Raise your hand if your buying Speak this holiday season? We think that's an awesome idea and so does POPSUGAR, BRIDES, and Glamour. Check out these awesome Holiday Gift Guide features below. Plus, don't forget to shop our newest Collection right here.

1. POPSUGAR gives you endless possibilities for gift giving, and we just happen to be one of them! Check our feature here and maybe get some awesome gift ideas.

2. BRIDES Magazine Holiday Gift Ideas! From wedding to Holidays Speak is perfect for any occasion. Plus, Brides has THE best ideas for brides and bridesmaids gifts. Check out our feature here.

3. We agree with Glamour Magazine, wine is definitely a great idea for gifting. Or just gifting yourself. We won't tell.

Meet Speaks Intern! November 05 2015

Hi Speak readers! I'm so excited to introduce myself as the public relations and social media intern for Speak Wines. I want everyone to get to know me, especially because I like getting to know people. Plus we already have something in common, you like Speak and so do I!

I am currently 22 and a senior at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Communication with an emphasis in advertising. One of the most important things I’ve learned in the last year of college is how important it is to challenge yourself. Set goals and focus on your personal success. After college, I want to travel, enjoy life, and hopefully be an awesome advertising account executive for some really cool company (but really). My dream job would be working for the NFL yes, the National Football League, I know it’s crazy. Besides that I like to write, eat, and enjoy just talking with people. My favorite color is red and my favorite food is Mediterranean. I also have a huge sweet tooth.


Some interesting little facts about me…

If I could travel anywhere in the whole world it would be Morocco or Turkey.

My favorite drink depends on my mood, I always love a good margarita but when I’m feeling extra classy I love champagne. But of course I do love a good glass of wine.

What do not a lot of people know about me but I wish they did? Not a lot of people know about me is I’m scared of failure. I believe failure is key to success however, I want to be successful in life and I often worry I won’t be. Don’t get me wrong I believe one should always embrace failure. Learning from a situation and being able to grow is extremely important.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me! I’m so excited to be on this journey with Speak Wines but I’m also excited to connect with new people. Feel free to Speak with us! Follow us @speakwines or my personal account @julia_jayyy

Speak Soon!

Julia J

UsWeekly December 10 2014

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Two Peas in a Prada August 11 2014

How fun is this? Best friend bloggers Ashley and Emily from Two Peas in a Prada get us! Check out their awesome blog and post about us here.